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Luminarya publishes friendly conversations with remarkable women around the globe, and in doing so, explores some of the biggest issues facing the planet today. Luminarya’s interviewees are lit up by the work they do. They’re doing some of the most unusual, “out-of-the-box” jobs on the planet, and it’s often work they’ve created themselves. They make money, but it’s for a purpose; they’re maximising their creativity; they have lashings of integrity; and most importantly, their activities are benefiting others. Luminarya aims to provide compelling reading, food for thought, fresh ideas, and a vigorous jolt of inspiration for its readers.



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Building Eco-Wonderlands with Bamboo: Elora Hardy

Formerly a print designer for Donna Karan in New York City, Elora Hardy is now on a different and more unusual kind of mission: she’s setting out to make bamboo "sexy." Elora is the Founder and Creative Director of Ibuku, a Bali-based bamboo design company that creates luxury houses and interiors products that are so high-touch and so imaginative, they’re[...]

The Luminarya Team

Luminarya's key contributors

Catriona Mitchell
  • Catriona Mitchell

  • Founder & Editor
  • Writer, editor, photographer, videographer; Luminarya's founder.

Rio Helmi
  • Rio Helmi

  • Photographer
  • Luminarya's Asia-based photographer.

Graham Mitchell
  • Graham Mitchell

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Luminarya's Europe-based photographer.

Katharina Rapp
  • Katharina Rapp

  • Artist
  • Rapp's strong, quirky paintings of women are key to Luminarya's branding.

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