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Producing Ethical Fashion from A to Z: Anjali Schiavina

With the meteoric rise of companies such as Zara and H&M, the world of high street fashion has changed beyond all recognition in recent years. Big fashion companies are churning out garments in mass quantities and at break-neck speed, their new stock no longer adhering to a ‘season’ but being delivered to stores as often as every day. Nothing is made to [...]

Climbing Mount Everest for Slum Children: Maria Conceicao

Maria Conceicao has had a life that reads like a film script. Abandoned by her Portuguese mother at the age of two, she was adopted by an Angolan widow and refugee who worked as a cleaner to feed her six children, and yet whose motto was “if I can feed six children, I can feed seven.” Her adoptive mother fought the Portuguese authorities in order to keep Mar[...]

The Economics of Happiness: Helena Norberg-Hodge

The Economics of Happiness is about the urgent need for a real decentralisation of power. Localising, as most of you know, is what Gandhi was talking about. So we are not talking about anything new. What is new however is the latest incarnation of globalisation. And what we are saying is that we urgently need a counterbalance to globalisation, and that lo[...]

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