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Building Eco-Wonderlands with Bamboo: Elora Hardy

Formerly a print designer for Donna Karan in New York City, Elora Hardy is now on a different and more unusual kind of mission: she’s setting out to make bamboo "sexy." Elora is the Founder and Creative Director of Ibuku, a Bali-based bamboo design company that creates luxury houses and interiors products that are so high-touch and so imaginative, they’re[...]

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Catriona Mitchell
  • Catriona Mitchell

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  • Writer, editor, photographer, videographer; Luminarya's founder.

Rio Helmi
  • Rio Helmi

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  • Luminarya's Asia-based photographer.

Graham Mitchell
  • Graham Mitchell

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Luminarya's Europe-based photographer.

Katharina Rapp
  • Katharina Rapp

  • Artist
  • Rapp's strong, quirky paintings of women are key to Luminarya's branding.

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